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"Mentored individuals often earn higher performance evaluations, higher salaries, and faster career progress than n…
2018/10/23 22:05:04 GMT+0
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Know someone looking for a job? Share CNM's latest openings w/them incl. marketing & communications, accounting,…
2018/10/23 13:53:05 GMT+0
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Have you ever taken a critical look at #TV programming lately? Can #HigherEd influence #Hollywood? Dr. Brandale Mi…
2018/10/22 22:05:03 GMT+0
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We get it: graduation is important. For some, graduation is a #bigdeal especially if you are the first in your fami…
2018/10/22 13:53:03 GMT+0

CNM Soars Nationally

#1 Associate Degrees & Certificates for Hispanics
#1 Associate Degrees & Certificates for Native Americans
#2 Associate Degrees & Certificates for all Students
Source: U.S. Department of Education